Family with passion

Antique Angelo is a family company, which was founded with a passion for antique furniture. We appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the Gustavian style.

Every day we are looking for new challenges and inspiration that allow us to create beautiful and unique things.

Our team is formed by people with different temperaments and talents that complement each other.

The company is the People who create it...


Artistic core of the company with a visionary and creative soul. In the most distressed pieces of furniture sees their beauty. Co-owner of Angelo Antique.


Realistic man who has the ability to tame the tiger of teamwork, inspire others, motivate and persuade to act. In addition to furniture restoration, he is responsible for HR in our company. Co-owner of Angelo Antique.


A person who draws motivations and energy from contacts with people, so she manages social media in our company. Ela is interior designer and decorator.


Warm, creative, open and very sensible person, therefore she is a consultant for the finance and accounting in Angelo Antique. She has  mathematical mind that’s why she loves numbers and calculations.


Lecturer, scientist and business coach – with a passion for Gustavian style. Our advisory body and Angelo Antique blogger.


Trained as an art historian, so she’s trying to make furniture, which get a second life, to be as close to the original as possible.


He’s one of the main pillars of the company. Scrupulous and hard-working person. Takes pleasure in furniture restoration. Boss’ right hand.


Precise and diligent in their work. Despite his young age, executes ambitious projects.


Globetrotter, a veterinarian, who discovered a passion for the restoration of antique furniture.


He’s always up for a joinery challange. He’s a reliable person. In his free time he enyoing workout including weights.


Sample pictures